Take Action

Take Action

The mission of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is to achieve an independent investigation with subpoena power into the destruction of the three skyscrapers at the World Trade Center on 9/11. This page lists the many things you can do to help us achieve our mission, starting "light" with the things anyone can do.

1. Sign the Petition

Start by signing our petition. We have one for architectural and engineering professionals ("AEs") and another for members of the general public ("Others").

Sign as an "AE" -->

Sign as a member of the General Public -->


 2. Donate

We receive no government or major foundation grants. We depend on many individual donations from people like you.



3. Become a AE911Truth Volunteer

9-11-truth-boothWhether it's joining or starting an action group at the local level, or getting 9/11: Blueprint For Truth aired on your local public access cable TV channel, or joining one of our many teams that meet globally on weekly conference calls, there is plenty of critical work that is just waiting for you to take it on. AE911Truth is in dire need of more volunteers, both to join our existing teams, and to launch new teams.

For instance, you might like to write a letter to the editor, or you might be interested in doing some congressional outreach. Take a look at our existing teams to see what interests you, and then volunteer!

Regardless of whether:

  • You only have a few minutes, or
  • You can volunteer for many hours, or
  • You wish to remain anonymous, or
  • You want to add YOUR voice to others

There is something you can do!

If you only have 5 minutes right now:

If you have "5 minutes" to do outreach:

If you have an hour:

If you have more time:

If you have time and enthusiasm:

 Volunteer On An AE911Truth Team 

AE911Truth Teams that need volunteers and/or team leaders to step up and help out

If you have leadership skills, and you see an AE911Truth team here that needs a leader, please click the Contact Us menu item above and fill out the form and let us know why you feel you are qualified to lead this team. We will be glad to have you and look forward to working with you to make the team you choose to lead a great success.

Central Teams

Central Teams

Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Team matches new volunteers with projects and teams where their talents can best be applied, and follows up to make sure they are well situated.

Phil Block and Steve Borchers are co-team leaders.

Team Building Team

The Team Building Team generates new outreach teams, primarily by identifying petition signers with qualifications relevant to a given team, and contacting them to determine their interest and availability.

David Slesinger is team leader.

Locality Based Outreach Teams

Action Groups Team

The Action Groups Team supports local action groups and local contacts attempting to generate action groups across the country and around the world.

Pam Senzee is team leader.

Presenter Team

The Presenter Team gives various kinds of presentations on the issues, from answering questions from our prepared FAQ list after video showings to making full presentations.

Dan Noel is team leader.

Cable Access Team

The Cable Access TV Team contacts cable access stations in an effort to have our DVDs aired in local markets. Volunteers start by getting our videos aired on their local stations. Cable access channels (which typically broadcast city council meetings and similar content) are distinct from public broadcasting (PBS) stations. Because any TV station reaches as many or more viewers than an in-person presentation--and most of those viewers have probably never heard of AE911 Truth before--this team can potentially have the greatest impact for the least effort and expense.

Jackie Carpenter and Chris Rocco are team leaders.

Library Access Team

The Library Access Team asks local libraries to circulate our DVDs and complains publicly if they refuse.

Temporary leader is Wayne Coste; a permanent team leader is needed.

Congressional Outreach Team

The Congressional Outreach Team seeks to build awareness of 9/11 Truth issues among national elected officials, and encourages them to do constituent service by submitting questions to NIST. The team coordinates visits by volunteers, usually attempting to have the official or a staffer view, while we are present, our fifteen-minute DVD Solving the Mystery of WTC7 with Ed Asner.

Wayne Coste is team leader.

State, County, Municipal Officials Outreach Team

The State, County, and Municipal Officials Outreach Team seeks to build awareness of 9/11 Truth issues among elected officials from the local to the state level. The further from federal power an official is, we believe, the more likely that he or she will be reachable. The team coordinates visits by volunteers, usually attempting to have the official or a staffer view, while we are present, our fifteen-minute DVD Solving the Mystery of WTC7 with Ed Asner.

Gregg Roberts is temporary team leader; a permanent team leader is needed.

Pamphlet Distribution Team

The Pamphlet Distribution Team coordinates leafleting activities around the country. These aim to distribute pamphlets in such high-foot-traffic areas as concerts, sporting events, fairs, festivals, busy urban street corners, and holiday celebrations. (Note: The public is much less hostile than it was ten years ago.)

An overall leader and statewide leaders are needed.

International Outreach Team

The International Outreach Team organizes leafleting of large events or busy street corners around the world in preparation for speaking appearances by Richard Gage, AIA. Leafleting would advertise a local showing of 9/11: Explosive Evidence--Experts Speak Out in the local language and build a group to organize the eventual speaking event. (The international version of Experts Speak Out includes eighteen languages.) Petition signers from around the world are welcome to join the team if they can regularly participate in the team leaders’ call on Wednesday evenings (Thursdays, 1:00 to 2:30 a.m. GMT) and are able to organize in their own country.

This team needs leaders from Europe and Australia or New Zealand who can often attend the weekly call.

PBS Local Fundraising Phone Bank Team

The PBS Local Fundraising Phone Bank Team coordinates volunteering efforts for local PBS stations’ fundraising drives. Following the successful example of Denver’s public television station, volunteers would work the phone banks without discussing 9/11, making personal connections and gaining respect from the station’s management. Over a period of years, volunteers can gradually introduce 9/11 Truth issues to the management and advocate for AE911 Truth content to be aired on the station.

A team leader is needed. (link to Fran's account of Denver's experiences.)

Conference/Convention Outreach Team

The Conference / Convention Development Outreach Team facilitates AE911 Truth activities at conventions and conferences in such fields as science, engineering, architecture, building trades, journalism, firefighting, law enforcement, library, human rights, civil liberties, and education. Team members identify upcoming events and urge petition signers with connections to the field to attend the event and engage other attendees about AE911 Truth. The team also coordinates leafleting by people who monitor their local convention center. A longer-term goal is to develop literature specific to each field that can be distributed at that field’s events.

Robert Zimmerman is team leader.

Outreach Support Team

The Outreach Support Team gives advice on improving petition signers’ skills in explaining our case.

A team leader is needed.

Special Skills Teams

Graphics Team

The Graphics Team creates new banners for the website, updates our printed literature, and creates new literature using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

Larry Landon is team leader.

Web Team

The Web Team focuses on posting articles and improving the appearance, navigation, and usability of the website. This team needs people with knowledge of HTML/HTML5, CSS/LESS, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, Joomla/K2 and SalsaLabs. The Website Team also maintains and improves the infrastructure for all of our web-based services. This team especially needs Joomla and SalsaLabs programmers.

Steve Olsen is team leader.

Articles Management Team

The Articles Management Team is responsible for posting articles to the website, including uploading images and slideshows and becoming familiar with the multimedia tools installed on the Joomla Website as well as those available through the JCE editor and K2 extensions.

A team leader is needed

Extensions Management Team

The Extensions Management Team is responsible for maintaining and customizing all the components, modules and plugins on the site so that each component, module and plugin is uniquely styled according to the AE911Truth brand and integrates aesthetically with the website.

A team leader is needed

Video/Audio/Media Development Team

Because of the unique requirements for displaying multimedia well on a Website, the Video/Audio/Media Development Team is tasked with maintaining the highest standards in Multimedia technology and needs to be able to manage our video files on our Amazon S3 account as well as on our YouTube account and keep the website audio and video players up to date and maintain all our play lists including adaptive streaming manifest files.

Chris Rocco is temporary team leader

Forms Management Team

The Forms Management Team needs to provide forms for all of the other teams on request. Those interested in this position need to be familiar with the RSJoomla Forms Suite and Contact Enhanced and know how to create forms that provide compelling feedback to the user and detailed information to the teams that will need to respond to the requests contained in the body of the forms.

Team leader is needed

Users and User Groups Management Team

The Users and User Groups Management Team needs to maintain the user accounts at AE911Truth and create user groups as needed with adequate granularity necessary to meets the needs of activists in specific localities.

Team leader is needed

Language Management Team

The Language Management Team is responsible for maintaining the languages installed on the Website. This team is also responsible for making sure that there are translations in all the languages supported by AE3911Truth for all AE911Truth's articles and that they are uploaded to the proper directories so that the multilingual support components are always able to serve up any article on the Website in the language of the users preference. This team will need to coordinate closely with the Translation Team

Team leader is needed.

Templates Management Team

The Templates Management Team is responsible for developing and maintaining all the templates on the AE911Truth website. Since the new website is a Joomla 3.2 website with the K2 core replacement and CCK installed, sub-templating is the name of the game and this team will have it's hands full creating sub-templates on demand as sections are updated and new sections are added to the Website.

Team leader is needed

Subscriptions, Membership, Donations Team

The Subscriptions, Membership, Donations Team is responsible for maintaining our SalsaLabs software that includes creating both online forms and email forms, and maintaining all the back end functionality of our SalsaLabs account. Knowledge of HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL is essential

Steve Olsen is team leader

Social Media and Email Outreach Team

The Social Media and Email Outreach Team manages and produces content for our Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. (Our Facebook page now has over 170,000 likes).

Chris Rocco is Facebook Team Leader and works with Richard Gage, AIA and Jeff  Long in developing our social media marketing strategies.

 Leaders are needed for our MySpace, LinkedIn, and twitter accounts.

Translation Team

The Translation Team translates our work into many different languages. Already, for example, this team has translated our Experts Speak Out video into eighteen different languages.

Sandra Jelmi is team leader.

Video Team

The Video Team produces new videos for public view based on our presentations and on existing 9/11 Truth evidence. Animators are needed.

Chuck Smith is team leader.

Wikipedia Project Team

The Wikipedia Project Team works to show top Wikipedia officials that their site is not being handled with integrity. The team makes small, reasonable changes to relevant entries, tracks unreasonable reversals of these changes by other users, and contacts Wikipedia officials with our concerns. Requires knowledge of HTML.

Tori Alexander is team leader.

Communications Teams

Writing Team

The Writing Team fills the research, writing, and editing needs of all the other teams. It also publishes our monthly newsletter.

Richard Gage is interim team leader, looking for a permanent team lerader.

Quick Response Team

The Quick Response Writing Team stands ready to respond when controversy arises in the media surrounding relevant issues: 9/11, the War on Terror, the abridgment of civil liberties, and so on. We have too often taken weeks to respond, if at all, but our response needs to happen within hours. Team members must be knowledgeable on the issues and on AE911Truth’s orientation, and must be excellent wordsmiths. Richard Gage, AIA, still approves all responses.

A team leader is needed.

Letters to the Editor Outreach Team

The Letters to the Editor Outreach Team would generate new letters for petition signers who are willing to submit each letter to a local paper or website.

A team leader is needed.

Magazine and Newspaper Advertising Outreach Team

The Magazine and Newspaper Advertising Outreach Team works with the College Outreach team and other groups on developing advertisements. Each ad has a specific purpose, such as promoting or forming a college group related to 9/11, promoting an event, or generally raising awareness of the evidence in key locations or with key groups. This team welcomes volunteers with experience in advertising and/or graphic design.

A team leader is needed.

CSPAN Call In Team

The C-SPAN Call-In Team uses the cable channel as a venue for challenging officials and other public figures with questions about 9/11. When a relevant guest appears, a volunteer will call in and pose an agreed-upon question. This team needs large numbers of volunteers to try to get through (because once you get through, you probably have to wait a month to call back).

Andrew Steele is team leader.

Media Monitoring Team

The Media Monitoring Team monitors specific blogs, journals, media outlets, and radio and television shows for discussion related to 9/11 and notifies other team members who are ready to respond when called upon. This will typically involve generating written postings in response to relevant issues, which should always conform to the media forum’s established standards. Team members must be able to engage in online discussion without “flaming.” We will most likely develop separate teams to focus on liberal and libertarian media outlets.

A team leader is needed for both ideologies.

Monitoring of Radio Talk Shows Team

The Monitoring of Radio Talk Shows Team has members who are available on short notice to call in to talk shows when 9/11-related issues are being discussed. “Flaming” is never appropriate. We will most likely develop separate teams to focus on liberal and libertarian shows.

A team leader is needed.

Radio and TV Interview Set-up Team

The Radio and TV Interview Set-Up Team arranges for Richard Gage, AIA, or other presenters to appear on TV or radio shows, especially when Richard is scheduled to appear or 9/11: Explosive Evidence--Experts Speak Out to air in the area.

Carl Seeger Henry is team leader.

Lunch-and-Learn Outreach Team

The Lunch-and-Learn Outreach Team arranges for our presenters to conduct lunch visits at architecture or engineering firms in their geographic area. We bring the lunch and try to recoup the expense by selling DVDs and literature. Members need not live near the firms they pitch the Lunch-and-Learn program to.

A team leader is needed

Film Festival Team

The Film Festival Team submits our documentary films to selected festivals.

Jim Cirile is team leader.

Radio and TV Advertising Team

The Radio and TV Advertising Team arranges for AE911Truth advertisements (such as our ad featuring Ed Asner) to air in various markets. Placing a 30-second spot on a national or major metropolitan TV or radio station is surprisingly inexpensive, and scheduling these spots is typically done online, so this approach offers a good return for a relatively small investment of time and funds. The option of paying for an ad to air can be promoted as a way for supporters to have a significant, measurable effect with a moderately sized gift. This approach may particularly appeal to larger organizations or individuals who wish for their support to remain relatively anonymous.

Robert McGee is team leader, but a co-team leader is sought.

Fundraising Teams

New Paid-Member Recruitment Calling Team

The New Paid-Member Recruitment Team calls petition signers to solicit memberships of various levels.

A team leader is needed.

Online Store Team

The Online Store Team supports customer service, new product development, corporate outreach for new venues, inventory management, reporting, and other business for the store.

Larry Landon is team leader.

Grant Writing and Philanthropic Outreach Team

The Grant Writing and Philanthropic Outreach Team reaches out to powerful institutions and people for philanthropic support.

Gregg Baptista is team leader.

Coffee Sales Team

The Coffee Sales Team seeks to develop and implement strategies to promote our current fundraising arrangement with Coffee Magic, which raises $4 per two-pound package sold.

Rodger Bories is team leader.

Company Donation as Percentage of Gross Team

The Company Donation as Percentage of Gross Team arranges for supporters who control businesses to donate some percentage of their gross volume each year to AE911 Truth. This may be a very small percentage so the actual donation won’t be more than the company can afford. The team also stewards these important relationships.

A team leader is needed.

Computer Games Team

The Computer Games Team designs computer games that integrate advertising opportunities into the gaming environment (e.g., on the sides of vehicles).

A team leader is needed.

DVD Promotion Team

Product Development Team

Corporate Outlet Team

Trades and Professions Related Teams

Law Enforcement Outreach Team

The Law Enforcement Outreach Team leaflets police and security conventions and meets one–on-one with officials being seduced into receiving federal “War on Terror” funds.

John Meaders is team leader, but would be happy to have someone else take on the role.

Firefighters Outreach Team

The Firefighters Outreach Team leaflets fire stations, training facilities, and conventions in an effort to educate and mobilize the professionals of this most trusted vocation. Because more than 300 firefighters died in the World Trade Center disaster, this constituency is central to the 9/11 Truth movement.

Dale Pierce is team leader.

Military Outreach Team

The Military Outreach Team works to connect with self-identified patriots at the VFW and the American Legion. Team members slowly build personal relationships in order to show that members of the 9/11 Truth movement are the real “patriots,” rather than those clinging blindly to the official story. Team members also attend Veterans for Peace conventions and increase our public presence in that group. Active duty military personnel are expected to take an “under-the-radar” role.

Joe Camera is team leader.

Labor Outreach Team

The Labor Outreach Team identifies labor organizations we can reach out to. The team coordinates first-contact efforts by petition signers and volunteers who have personal connections with those groups, and subsequent efforts to distribute specialized literature at labor conventions. The team also undertakes the large and important task of identifying which 9/11 victims were union members.

A team leader is needed.

Trades and Professionals Team

Trades and Professional Team: The following teams reach out to others in the related trades or professional fields by one-on-one communication and at conferences and conventions. They also prepare specialized outreach material.

Team leader is needed.

Developer/ Builder Business Outreach Team

The Financial Services Industry Outreach Team consists of financial service professionals (bankers, stockbrokers, insurance brokers and agents, finance managers, accountants, mortgage brokers); people in these fields have traditionally been considered careful professionals, like engineers and architects, and are still generally well respected. Team members reach out to others in the profession by one-on-one communication and at conferences and conventions. The team also prepares specialized outreach material.

A team leader is needed.

Corporate Executive Outreach Team

The Corporate Executive Outreach Team seeks to have highly respected corporate executives in various business fields help us to gain respect within their business niche.

A team leader is needed.

Small Business Owner Outreach Team

The Small Business Owner Outreach Team seeks to have highly respected small business owners in various fields help us to gain respect within their business niche.

A team leader is needed.

Construction Contractor Outreach Team

The Construction/Contractor Business Outreach Team and the Developer/Builder Business Outreach Team both work to build relationships with business owners and operators within these related fields. Of all businesspeople, these groups best understand the physical issues involved in the World Trade Center disaster.

Team leaders are needed.

Steel Trades Outreach Team

Concrete Trades Outreach Team

Chemist Outreach Team

Physicist Outreach Team

Civil Engineering Outreach Team

Chemical Engineering Outreach Team

Metallurgists Outreach Team

Demolition Outreach Team

Financial Services Industry Outreach Team

Legal Teams

NIST Pursuit Team

The NIST Pursuit Team devises ways to hold NIST officials accountable for their false, misleading, and unscientific 9/11 reports.

A team leader is needed.

FOIA Request Team

The FOIA Request Team advises people pursuing Freedom of Information Act requests.

Gregg Roberts is temporary team leader, but a permanent team leader is needed.

International Justice Team

The International Justice Team encourages the World Court and similar institutions to formally charge individuals suspected of the crimes of 9/11.

A team leader is needed.

Legal Skills Support Team

The Legal Skills Support Team is composed of lawyers and paralegals who advise 9/11 Truth on legal efforts large and small.

Gregg Roberts is temporary team leader, but a permanent team leader is needed.

Educational Institutions Outreach Teams

Professor/PhD One-On-One Outreach Team

The Professor/Ph.D./One-on-One Paradigm Team contacts colleagues, the dean of any school the team member graduated from, and other accomplished academics with whom the team member can reasonably arrange a one-minute telephone conversation. Team members provide a link to the fifteen-minute video Solving the Mystery of WTC7 with Ed Asner. Eventually, we hope to enlist all of our petition signers in similarly reaching out to accomplished people with whom they can secure that one-minute conversation. We feel that any college graduate has the status to ask for a minute from the dean of the school from which they graduated.

A team leader is needed.

College Outreach Team

The College Outreach Team coordinates our activities on college campuses, which include creating 9/11 studies clubs and identifying 9/11 researchers.

Steve Cohn is team leader. This team needs a co-leader who enjoys phone calling and will keep in touch with campus contacts.

Promotion of Richard Gage, AIA, as a College Speaker, Team

The Promotion of Richard Gage, AIA, as a College Speaker, Team seeks to persuade colleges to hire Richard Gage, AIA, for speaking opportunities.

A team leader is needed.

Alumni Outreach Team

The Alumni Events Team attends college reunions and alumni club events to publicize AE911 Truth.

A team leader is needed.

Primary and Secondary School Outreach Teams

The Primary and Secondary School Outreach Team identifies and evaluates curricula promoting the official explanation of 9/11 in secondary and elementary schools. This team especially seeks to recruit teachers and emeritus teachers to develop critiques and distribute them at teachers’ conventions and other appropriate venues. A longer-term goal is to develop our own curricula for science or social studies departments.

Wayne Coste is temporary team leader, but a team leader is needed.

Curricula Critique Team

Curricula Development Team

Belief System Outreach Teams

Left Gatekeepers, Peace Movement and Liberals Outreach Team

The Left Gatekeepers, Peace Movement, and Liberals Outreach Team builds inroads into left-leaning organizations. Though many grassroots liberals and left radicals support us, leadership remains hostile or at least cool. The team leaflets conferences and rallies and seeks venues that need leafleting. One-on-one private conversation with leadership is sought.

David Slesinger is temporary team leader; a permanent team leader is needed.

Tea Party, Ron Paul and Libertarian Supporters Outreach Team

The Tea Party, Ron Paul Supporters, and Libertarian Outreach Team builds inroads into libertarian organizations. Though many grassroots libertarians support us, leadership remains hostile or at least cool. The team leaflets conferences and rallies and seeks opportunities for one-on-one conversation with leadership.

A team leader is needed.

Religious Outreach Team

The Religious Outreach Team is an Internet-based gathering of people of all faiths who are convinced that the events of 9/11 are best explained and/or brought into question by the evidence presented by AE911 Truth. The goal is to discuss and suggest ways that this evidence can best be shared with other people of faith. The team is intended to be a supportive community of people of faith, as each person accepts the challenge of presenting the AE911Truth evidence to other individuals of faith, to local/state/national faith communities, and to participants in interfaith settings. Respecting and honoring all faith traditions, the Religious Outreach Team presents the AE911Truth evidence to provide, particularly in interfaith settings, a solid foundation of facts that can be used to disarm the intolerance and discrimination aimed at faith communities threatened with violence and/or revenge.

Rev. Dr. M. Bruce Irwin is team leader.

Special Situation Teams

Family Members Outreach Team

The Family Members Outreach Team connects with people whose relatives died in the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Josef Princiotta is team leader.

Victim and Witness Outreach Team

The Victim and Witness Outreach Team consists of petition signers who are either victims or witnesses of 9/11 and who conduct coordinated outreach efforts.

A team leader is needed.

Special Teams

Verifications Team

The Verification Team works to verify the identities and credentials of the architects and engineers who have signed our petition. The team undertakes a less involved protocol for petition signers not in those professions. No new members are needed at this time.