13 Mar

"We're still in the dark about nearby Shanksville, because the mainstream media has not pursued the discrepancies in the official story — yet they have been forced to respond to the outcries of 2,300 architects & engineers." — Tim Haldeman

26 Feb

When he appears in front of three High Court judges on March 12, Harrit will bring with him evidence that will be difficult to defeat.

16 Feb

We believe that the State of New Jersey . . . can conduct an investigation into 9/11 if the legislators so desire and if law enforcement would do their job.

06 Feb

How could all 47 core columns fail at the same instant? Fires could not do that.

03 Feb

Editor's Note: This fascinating and provocative technical piece on NIST’s manipulation of the WTC 7 evidence is broken down into a series of six articles. The third installment, below, is PART 2: NIST's Fictitious Gouge Launches Design Flaw Myth and Collapse Initiation Theory. The first installment was the INTRODUCTION. The second installment was PART 1: NIST and Popular Mechanics Fabricate Myth About WTC 7's "Scooped-Out" 10 Stories. Stand by for the next three installments, to be published monthly.

31 Jan

Learned helplessness is associated with subsequent depression, anxiety, phobias, shyness, and/or loneliness.


03 Jan

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31 Dec

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