Volunteer with AE911Truth

By volunteering with AE911Truth, you have the opportunity to make a real difference in the worldwide effort to bring about a new World Trade Center investigation.

As a small nonprofit organization, our work is powered in large part by the dozens of volunteers who donate their time, energy, and skills to help advance our mission.

We encourage you to join one of our core teams listed below or to help out in your own way. Your involvement could take several forms, such as spearheading a project, organizing an event, or providing professional services pro bono.

The Alt Tag

Core Teams

Web Team

Mission: to build and maintain AE911Truth’s online presence.

Writing Team

Mission: to publish technical articles, news updates, and other written materials.

Presenters Team

Mission: to give live presentations to A/E professionals as well as to the general public.

Verification Team

Mission: to verify the credentials of each of our A/E petition signers – an essential function for growing AE911Truth.

Translation Team

Mission: to translate AE911Truth’s materials into other languages so that our reach extends worldwide.

Outreach Team

Mission: to compile data and conduct outreach to thousands of building professionals, government officials, and other key groups.

Contact Us About Volunteering

 I am retired or disabled.
 I like to make phone calls.
 I'm a web developer.
 I'm an Internet marketer.
 I'm skilled with social media.
 I have a good relationship with at least one person of influence.