About World Trade Center 7

Building 7 was destroyed in the manner of a classic implosion, falling suddenly, symmetrically, and in absolute free fall into its own footprint.


About the Twin Towers

The Twin Towers were destroyed by waves of explosions that pulverized the building contents and hurled steel beams up to 600 ft in all directions.

As Engineers, We Have a Legal Responsibility to Guard the Public’s Safety

While engineering organizations have retreated into the safety of defending the indefensible or simply turning a blind eye to the overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition at the World Trade Center on 9/11, these individuals have boldly chosen a different path. One that brings them no reward except the satisfaction of knowing that they’re doing the right thing.

9/11 Justice: Support the Bobby McIlvaine Act

The Bobby McIlvaine Act — named after a 26-year-old who was killed by an explosion in the North Tower lobby — would establish a committee in Congress to reinvestigate the destruction of all three WTC towers. Learn more >



Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out

In 2016, Peter Ketcham, a former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, began looking into the reports his agency had released on the collapse of the WTC. What he found shook him to the core.

Thousands of Experts Are Speaking Out

3,000+ architects and engineers are demanding a new investigation of the WTC destruction. View petition >

  • "A localized failure in a steel-framed building cannot cause a catastrophic collapse like a house of cards at free-fall acceleration."
  • "All three collapses were very uniform in nature. Natural collapses due to unplanned events are not uniform."
  • “Building 7 came down very smoothly. NIST tried to prove the ridiculous theory that this was started by one column.”
  • “After much studying, it is obvious that NIST has fallen short of a detailed accounting of the collapses of the three WTC buildings.”
  • “In an office fire, you cannot generate enough heat to melt steel. And yet we have evidence of molten iron in the rubble pile.”
  • “I have known from day one that the buildings were imploded and could not have collapsed from the damage caused by the airplanes.”
  • "The official explanation of the failures defies known scientific methods of analysis and is untenable in the face of logical investigation."
  • “There is little doubt that the collapses were caused by controlled demolitions and the aircraft impacts were causal ruses.”
  • "The floors pancaking would create gushes of air, but not the kind of explosive force that we saw throw I-beams across the street."

Add Your Voice to the Pursuit of Truth and Justice

Join thousands of other architects and engineers in calling for a new investigation.
Architects & Engineers
Members of the Public

Forbidden Truth: 9/11 Science at 21 Years

“Forbidden Truth” was an online symposium held on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022, about the state of scientific inquiry into the destruction of the three World Trade Center Towers 21 years after the world-changing events of 9/11.

Introducing the Graphic Novel ‘Born on 9/11’

“An epic graphic novel that brilliantly merges the human elements of this tragedy with the overlooked evidence that contradicts the story we have been told for the past 20 years.” — Rosie O’Donnell

“The story of a late teen's quest to learn what had happened on that fateful day to cause the death of his firefighter father is spell-binding.”
— Jean Bails, widow of Jerry Bails (father of comic book fandom)

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