How many Americans realize that their own government is allowed to publish scientific reports that are false? And how many know that this is the case even with scientific data that the government knows to be false.

This fact was confirmed in a recent court ruling in a 2023 lawsuit brought by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth against the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The action concerned NIST’s report on the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

AE911Truth sued NIST after the federal agency refused to correct false data and conclusions in its report. AE had raised the issue in the form of a “request for correction,” which NIST failed to respond to in any meaningful way.

Not surprisingly, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit sided with NIST, reaching the conclusion in its October 2023 ruling, which stated that as long as NIST’s report met “statutory requirements,” it did not have to be accurate or true. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of the ruling.

But despite losing, AE911Truth is turning the case into an opportunity called the Scientific Integrity Act.

This proposed bill, which is still being drafted, is the brainchild of AE911Truth’s chief operating officer, Andy Steele. It would require government agencies to tell the truth in their scientific reports and would give all American citizens and organizations standing to challenge those reports when they don’t meet this standard.

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As explained in AE911Truth’s newly released “A Declaration of Integrity”:

“The Scientific Integrity Act is legislation, currently being drafted, that would require that scientific reports issued by the federal government include data, cite evidence, and make findings that are accurate and true. Also, conclusions must be based on valid and verifiable interpretations of the data.”

Steele says that the request for correction and the ensuing court action served a strategic purpose in exposing how far the government is willing to go to avoid accountability for its flawed and even fraudulent reports.

“As American citizens, we just naturally believe that the government must use accurate data and come to reasonable conclusions from that data when issuing scientific reports,” he explains. “It's when the government is caught, like NIST was, ignoring evidence and helping cover-up a massive crime that the law as it stands helps them get away with it.”

Once the bill is written, it will be presented to members of Congress and other members of the scientific community. Copies of “A Declaration of Integrity” can already be sent to legislators.

Previously, AE911Truth created the Bobby McIlvaine Act, which was named after the 26-year-old who was killed by an explosion while entering the North Tower. AE911Truth also lobbied members of Congress to support the bill. If passed, it would establish a select committee in Congress to reinvestigate the catastrophic destruction of all three World Trade Center towers.

Steele emphasizes that passing the Scientific Integrity Act would not just be important for exposing the falsehoods in NIST’s report on Building 7; it would be valuable in many other areas:

“Our government relies on scientific reports all the time to come to important policy decisions,” he states. “How one of these reports is written could mean the difference between whether a drug is approved or not or whether an environmental law gets passed. It could mean the difference in matters of food safety, product safety, or even whether or not a war is fought. The stakes on this are higher than any of us can even imagine, and that's why this law is so important.”

Steele adds that because the problem the bill addresses is broader than just 9/11, it is essential that we reach beyond the Truth Movement to build a broader coalition to get behind this important initiative. The hope is also that members of Congress will have a difficult time opposing the Scientific Integrity Act because to do so would require them to defend the absurd position that government should be allowed to manipulate and lie about scientific data.

This is about standing up for truth. It’s about ensuring that government is held accountable to the people it is supposed to serve. And who better to make sure that this cause succeeds than the people.

We have a long battle ahead of us, and we need your support to wage it.

To get the process started, we need
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As engineers, we have a legal responsibility to guard the public’s safety.

We are a small non-profit taking on a tremendous issue, and we need your support to help fund these efforts.

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From Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth and filmmaker, Dylan Avery comes this short documentary that is both hauntingly beautiful in its presentation and startlingly grim in its revelations. 

Join civil engineer, Jonathan Cole through an informational odyssey as he revisits the controversy surrounding the impossible destruction of towers 1, 2 and 7 on September 11th 2001, and how his research, along with the research of others, has pulled the rug out from under the conclusions offered by the federal government on why those three buildings ultimately failed. 

Through Cole's testimony, and that of mechanical engineer, Tony Szamboti, a dark picture comes into focus that demonstrates that not only is the official story of what killed so many people on America's darkest day provably false but that the federal government actively and willfully turned a blind eye to the observable facts during its unscientific investigation of the building collapses. 

In a little over twenty minutes, Thirty Seconds of Silence reveals more about the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11 than the media has revealed to the public in the over twenty years since the event took place.