Several authors promote the claim that nuclear blasts destroyed the World Trade Center (WTC) on September 11, 2001. Suggested scenarios are, for example, that fission bombs, fusion-boosted fission bombs, neutron bombs, thermonuclear bombs, pure fusion deuterium-tritium bombs, or exploding nuclear reactors, caused its destruction. We have been asked why we do not endorse any of these claims.

gamma scoutDevices to detect elevated levels of alpha, beta, and gamma radiation are neither large nor difficult to use, and are available online.

nuclear detonation desertIn Sections I and II of this FAQ, we discuss two independent reasons why we regard the probability that any nuclear blasts occurred at the WTC as close to zero. We also address arguments that have been brought forward with respect to these two reasons.

In Section III, we consider problems found in publications we have reviewed that promote nuclear destruction scenarios, and we assess four claims that have been presented frequently in such publications.

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