INTERVIEW: Dr. Hulsey on Jimmy Dore!

Over the weekend, we announced that on Friday, Dr. Leroy Hulsey — who authored a four-year computer modeling study through the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) on the collapse of WTC 7, refuting NIST's conclusions on how the building fell — appeared on the popular podcast, The Jimmy Dore Show. 

Today we're happy to announce that the interview has been released in its entirety, on Rumble instead of YouTube, do to the topic and the censorship by Google and the stated targeting by the platform against researchig and questioning 9/11! We have the receipts to prove it in our article here.
Mixing the startling revelations of the UAF Study with Dore's unique, entertaining style of humor, the hour-long interview provides a refreshing experience for those already awakened to the WTC evidence, along with an eye-opening glimpse into 9/11 Truth for those in the audience not yet familiar with it. 

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 Trouble loading? Watch on Rumble.
Rumble, the free speech platform has been under heavy cyber attacks for the past few weeks, with the Mockingbird media blaming it on China instead of internal threats such as the NSA at Ft. Meade, not to mention the predictive programming of the Obama's new Netflix film, Leave The World Behind — a conveniently timed cyber apocalypse along the lines of the World Economic Forum's Cyber Polygon war gaming drills, with the 9/11 research community being well aware of 9/11 drills becoming active, "Is it real world, or exercise?"  — so, short story long, if the video fails to load on this page as it did earlier today, you can watch it on Jimmy Dore's Rumble page.

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Directed by Dylan Avery and narrated by Ed Asner, SEVEN tells the story of World Trade Center Building 7 — from its jaw-dropping "collapse" on 9/11 to the government's blatant cover-up to the intrepid study by Dr. Leroy Hulsey and his Ph.D. students at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Watch and share SEVEN on any of the platforms listed here.

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From Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth and filmmaker, Dylan Avery comes this short documentary that is both hauntingly beautiful in its presentation and startlingly grim in its revelations. 

Join civil engineer, Jonathan Cole through an informational odyssey as he revisits the controversy surrounding the impossible destruction of towers 1, 2 and 7 on September 11th 2001, and how his research, along with the research of others, has pulled the rug out from under the conclusions offered by the federal government on why those three buildings ultimately failed. 

Through Cole's testimony, and that of mechanical engineer, Tony Szamboti, a dark picture comes into focus that demonstrates that not only is the official story of what killed so many people on America's darkest day provably false but that the federal government actively and willfully turned a blind eye to the observable facts during its unscientific investigation of the building collapses. 

In a little over twenty minutes, Thirty Seconds of Silence reveals more about the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11 than the media has revealed to the public in the over twenty years since the event took place.