Today, we at AE911Truth are tremendously pleased to announce the release of Bobby McIlvaine Act video, a short online video that was made possible by the donations of hundreds of dedicated activists earlier this year.

Aside from this video being a powerful tool for mobilizing existing advocates to support the Bobby McIlvaine Act, we believe it will be uniquely effective for communicating with audiences who are new to the subject.

You can help bring this video to more viewers by sharing it on Facebook as well as by forwarding and embedding the YouTube version. Update: As of 48 hours after the video’s release, it had received over 600,000 views on Facebook. A big thanks to everyone who shared it!

Also, please support the Bobby McIlvaine Act by going to and using our automated letter generator to email your members of Congress, urging them to introduce the Act. In the words of Bob McIlvaine, “We must have a real investigation now. But that can only happen if we all demand one together.” 

McIlvaine Vid screen v1 650