Dear Friends of AE911Truth,

I’m thrilled to share with you that next Thursday, April 25, we are sending a team of four civil engineers to the annual conference of the ASCE’s Structural Engineering Institute (ASCE SEI) in Orlando, Florida — and we’re counting on your support to make it possible.

In case you aren’t familiar with it, ASCE is the American Society of Civil Engineers, and the Structural Engineering Institute is the division within ASCE that partnered with FEMA to produce the first U.S. government report on the World Trade Center’s destruction, published in 2002.

Billed as the “premier event in structural engineering,” this gathering of 1,000 top structural engineers and professionals in related fields is quite simply the number one venue in the world for our Project Due Diligence volunteers to get the word out and deliver our presentation to dozens of their fellow engineers.

Just as we did at the Forensic Engineering 8th Congress last November, our plan is to network and distribute Project Due Diligence brochures to all 1,000 attendees throughout the day on Thursday, April 25, then we’ll hold a reception and presentation that evening at a hotel next door to the conference. Not a single engineer will leave the conference without having been offered our brochure and a one-on-one discussion about the fatal flaws in the official WTC reports.

PDD 2019 brochure

Today, we’re asking those of you who care deeply about our outreach to the engineering profession to make a donation toward the $6,000 cost of this effort, which includes transportation, lodging, and tickets to the conference for our four engineers, printing 1,000 brochures, and a conference room and refreshments.

Plus, when you donate $20 or more, we will mail you five copies of our Project Due Diligence brochure to give out to engineers or architects or other colleagues whom you wish inform about the work of AE911Truth. Our goal is for 200 supporters to distribute a total of 1,000 Project Due Diligence brochures to your friends and colleagues — on top of the 1,000 we’ll be handing out next week in Orlando. (If you donate via Paypal, please include your mailing address so we can send you your brochures.)

PDD donate

As many of you know, we just finished raising funds for our FBI Lawsuit. We apologize for seeking your financial support so soon after ending that major fund drive, and we hope you understand that the timing of the ASCE Structures Congress left us little option if we wanted to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. So, if you believe in this kind of outreach and you can afford to donate, please help us raise $6,000 between now and next Thursday to make this effort possible.

We’re grateful to you for helping us continue our outreach to the civil engineering community. We expect our effort in Orlando to be a major step forward in our mission of galvanizing support for a new WTC investigation.

We look forward to reporting back to you after the conference!

Richard Gage, AIA