Dear Friends,

The Coronavirus pandemic is already having a huge impact on the work of AE911Truth.

But despite the obstacles in front of us, the final report of the University of Alaska Fairbanks study on World Trade Center Building 7 will be released next week.

The Coronavirus has meant that presentations, meetings with Congress, and the national conference where we planned to promote this report have all been cancelled or postponed.

But we can’t let the fight to disseminate this report stop now. All plans that do not involve large gatherings will go forward. And we are pivoting to a more online strategy for promoting the report.

A donor who believes deeply in the need to confront NIST has stepped forward with a generous matching gift of $25,000. That means he will DOUBLE every dollar you give — but only until March 31.

I need your help to make sure the fight for truth continues forward during this difficult time. The Hulsey report will be released as scheduled, our legal challenge against NIST will proceed, and I need your help to make sure it isn’t swept under the rug!

Will you please give today to share this breakthrough report widely and ensure that NIST is held accountable for its fraudulent Building 7 report?

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Gratefully yours,

Richard Gage, AIA