Dear friends,

Twenty years after 9/11, most of the engineers we meet STILL have not heard of or seen the “collapse” of Building 7.

This is a tremendous obstacle to our mission. But it’s also a tremendous opportunity, because most engineers — like most people — realize that Building 7 was demolished as soon as they see it.

Today, I am writing to ask for your help to inform every engineer in America about Building 7 and the gross inadequacy of the NIST reports on all three WTC towers. As we approach this level of awareness in the engineering profession, it will spill over into widespread public support for a new investigation.

Your gift today will enable AE911Truth to launch a major campaign designed to reach every engineering group across the country with our offer to present the WTC evidence to their organization.

Already, we have three presentations to chapters of the American Society of Civil Engineers lined up in the months ahead. But we are determined to multiply that number AT LEAST TENFOLD before the year is out.

When you give a gift of $30 or more before April 15, you will be paying for at least 10 postcards to be sent to engineering groups as well as for countless emails and phone calls to secure presentations. You’ll also help cover the cost of sending our three-dozen engineers to give talks all over the country.

By yearend, you will have helped AE911Truth reach literally thousands of engineers. And every single leader of every local and national engineering organization in the US will be made aware of AE911Truth’s new, full-throttle push to inform the entire engineering profession.

The next five to 10 years will be crucial in determining the outcome of 9/11 Truth. Let’s start by making sure that every engineer in America knows about Building 7.

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Gratefully yours,

Roland Angle, PE
President and CEO

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