Dear friends,

I’m writing to you today to tell you about a special new initiative that needs your help.

Recently, AE911Truth has been conducting in-depth research into several aspects of what took place at Building 7 before the 47-story high-rise was demolished at 5:20 PM that day.

There is an enormous amount of information — ranging from several explosions inside the building to interior structural damage to the strange decision to abandon firefighting efforts and more. Once pulled together and brought into focus, it will paint a very clear picture of what was really going on.

Now we need your help to finish this work and produce a special report on everything that happened at Building 7 before it was brought down. Can I count on you to make a donation today?

I believe this report will be as damning as the evidence directly related to the demolition itself. And it will be actionable: We will send it to elected officials and technical organizations and may even use it to formally challenge NIST’s claim that no water was available to fight the fires — which NIST says is the reason Building 7 went down.

This report has been needed for a long time. Your gift will ensure not only that it gets finished but that it will be comprehensive and top-notch. Please give today.

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Yours gratefully,

Roland Angle, PE
President and CEO