Retired New York Naval Militia Commander Rear Admiral Warren Smith, a practicing architect based in New York’s Hudson Valley, shares his perspective on the WTC controlled demolition evidence with host Andy Steele on this week’s episode of 9/11 Free Fall.

Smith also demolishes the claim that questioning the official version of 9/11 is in any way disrespectful to members of the military who served in the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

When Smith signed AE911Truth’s petition this past May, he wrote:

"No Architect or Engineer can observe, with an open mind, the video recordings of the collapse of 7 WTC or the Twin Towers without realizing these were clearly controlled demolition events, even without digging further into the illogic of the official report, the many inconsistencies, and the continuing resistance to a fair and public reevaluation of the physics and evidence. That this has not happened, and the fact that educated and reasonable people shy away from a discussion of the subject, is a reflection of how disturbing the implications must be for finding the official narrative false. Yet we can never move on until we find and face the truth. Thanks to Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth for persevering in this essential effort."

Smith’s statement and biography can be read on the AE911Truth petition >

Note: This article originally stated that Warren Smith was a commander in the US Navy Reserve. It has been updated to reflect that he was commander of the New York Naval Militia. Prior to that role, he was a captain in the US Navy Reserve.