It’s been less than a year since Dylan Avery brought the stories of four courageous 9/11 families to a worldwide audience through AE911Truth’s latest documentary, The Unspeakable, and already the film has surpassed 750,000 views online.

Striking at the heart of the 9/11 issue by spotlighting those most deeply affected by the events of that day, The Unspeakable is resonating not only within the 9/11 Truth community but also with a wider audience that sought to learn more about 9/11 during the recent 21st anniversary.

Now closing in on 800,000 views, the film has jumped by more than 100,000 views this month alone, averaging around 5,000 views per day and enjoying a spike of 20,000 views on September 11th itself.

By carefully balancing the hard facts of 9/11 with the emotional journeys of Bob McIlvaine, Matt Campbell, Drew DePalma, Bill Brinnier, and their families, The Unspeakable is planting the flag of truth into the fertile ground of a new frontier of receptive hearts and minds.

Help the film reach one million views by sharing it today with those who are ready to realize that supporting 9/11 Truth means being on the right side of history. Forward the link to your colleagues, friends, and family — and ask them to do the same with their colleagues, friends, and family. That’s how the cause of 9/11 Truth and Justice will continue to march forward.