Dear friends,

AE911Truth is working on a new book called Debunking Popular Mechanics, and I need your help to finish this major project.

This book will refute, page by page, all of the false claims made about the destruction of the World Trade Center towers in the 2011 edition of Popular Mechanics’ Debunking 9/11 Myths.
On the left-hand side of the fold, readers will see the original text from Popular Mechanics — because only when you see it for yourself can you understand just how deceptive it is. And on the right-hand side, readers will be given the real facts that disprove PM’s falsehoods, one by one.
To finish this definitive debunking of Popular Mechanics and get it into the hands of 10,000 journalists across the U.S., we must raise $50,000 by Monday, October 10.
Your gift of $30 or more today will ensure that this book gets published and that it is delivered to at least six journalists. Plus, you’ll receive your very own copy in the mail when you give that amount!
The book will also be available as a PDF online. This way, any time the corporate media asserts that “9/11 conspiracy theories” have been debunked — a claim they usually support by linking to Popular Mechanics — an army of activists like you can post the link to our book.
More than 15 years after it was first published, Debunking 9/11 Myths continues to prop up the lie that controlled demolition has been debunked. Your gift of $30 or more before October 10 will help blow this lie away.
Gratefully yours,
Ted Walter
Director of Strategy and Development
P.S. Please give $30 or more by October 10 to help publish Debunking Popular Mechanics and get it into the hands of 10,000 journalists!