It’s been little more than a year since AE911Truth released The Unspeakable, thanks to the help of thousands of dedicated 9/11 activists. And now the film has just surpassed 950,000 views online!

As we enter the thick of the holiday season, we encourage you to share this “deeply moving” film with your friends and family. With enough of a boost, it might just reach one million views by January.

By carefully balancing the hard facts of 9/11 with the emotional journeys of four families who refuse to give up their search for truth about the death of their loved ones, The Unspeakable is the perfect film to open the hearts and change the minds of your loved ones.

Thank you again for enabling filmmaker Dylan Avery and AE911Truth to tell the stories of these four courageous families, who are inspiring people everywhere to support 9/11 Truth!