This Friday, May 18th, at 5:00 PM Eastern / 2:00 PM Pacific marks the official launch of “Project Due Diligence.”

It’s our new outreach program to the civil engineering profession, led by AE911Truth board member Roland Angle and more than three dozen civil and structural engineers around the world.

The live Friday afternoon webinar, which will include a Q&A, will be the first of several hundred public presentations we plan to give in the months and years ahead. We invite you to tune in for this dismantling of the NIST World Trade Center reports and the progressive collapse theory. It draws from more than a decade of engineering research, including the recent preliminary findings of the UAF WTC 7 study. The webinar will also be archived for those who are unable to attend.

A few weeks from now, we will release the official Project Due Diligence video, a TED Talk-style presentation that will be watched by hundreds of thousands online. Meanwhile, our team of engineers will begin giving the presentation to engineering association chapters, engineering departments, and other gatherings of technical professionals the world over. Once the UAF WTC 7 study is complete, these presentations will be one of the primary vehicles for disseminating the study’s findings.

Our goal is to facilitate a process of due diligence regarding the official WTC reports that has yet to take place within the engineering profession — and to build support from the ground up until the profession’s leading institutions have no choice but to endorse the call for a new investigation.

We hope you’ll join us for the first public presentation of Project Due Diligence.

A quick word about our ongoing 2018 Membership Drive: Project Due Diligence and our related efforts can happen only if AE911Truth is able to continue its vital work. Please visit our 2018 Membership Page and find the giving level that's right for you. We’re honored and grateful to be working on your behalf.