Refusing to back down after more than a decade of fighting to have their hugely important paper published in the ASCE’s Journal of Engineering Mechanics, Tony Szamboti and Richard Johns earlier today submitted an appeal in response to the journal’s latest unethical rejection of their paper.

First submitted in 2011 and inexplicably rejected as “out of scope” in 2013, the censored discussion paper refutes a highly influential paper co-authored by engineering professor Zdeněk Bažant that purports to explain how, through gravity alone, the top of the North Tower could crush through the lower structure at almost free-fall acceleration without observably slowing down.

For more on this development, we invite you to read Szamboti and Johns’ appeal letter and to watch Ted Walter’s latest update on this important story. Walter, who remains optimistic that the paper will one day be published, also responds to debunker-in-chief Mick West’s recent head-scratching claim that Zdeněk Bažant’s analysis is not foundational to the official story of 9/11.