Dear Friends,

My brother Geoff would have turned 53 years old today, but he was killed in the demolition of the Twin Towers 21 years ago.

Because of you, my family is now on the path to getting a real investigation into his murder and exposing the truth about that day.

Last year, with your help and the help of AE911Truth, we submitted our application for a new inquest in the UK. It’s been a long wait, but we still fully expect our application to be approved.

In time, there will be a new inquest, and we will prove in a court of law how Geoff and thousands of others really died.

Today, in Geoff’s memory, I am urging you to make a year-end donation to AE911Truth so that this vital organization can keep supporting my family’s quest for truth and educating the world about what really happened on 9/11.

Thanks to a generous donor who has promised $25,000 to match every gift made through December 31, your gift today will be DOUBLED. Now is the time to give to ensure that our efforts will flourish in 2023.

Please give now — and thank you for your kindness and compassion. It means the world to my family as we continue our fight for justice.

donate today


Matt Campbell
Brother of Geoff Campbell

P.S. Respond by midnight on December 31 and your generous donation will be DOUBLED to support the quest for truth!