Help us Raise $3,000 to Continue Hitting the Roots of the Cover-Up

Project Due Diligence has been working effectively to spread the fires awakening in the engineering community, presenting the World Trade Center evidence to audiences of engineers all over the country.

So powerful has been its impact that the leadership of professional organizations have tried to stop scheduled presentations before they can happen. 

In fact, the effort to silence AE911Truth has been so focused that we can’t even announce presentations by our engineer volunteers until AFTER they take place.

Like a war, loose lips sink ships, and we have no choice but to keep our cards close to our chests as our adversaries monitor our public communications, desperately attempting to put a lid on the progress we’re making. 

That’s because Project Due Diligence is not only waking engineers up to the evidence of controlled demolition on September 11, 2001 but it’s also exposing the complicity of professional engineering organizations in perpetuating the cover-up.

Our volunteer engineers on the front lines of this war need your help.

We’re looking to raise $3,000 by May 31 to offset the expenses that our volunteers incur by stepping up to bring our evidence to the professional community. These expenses include the price of traveling — sometimes hundreds of miles-- their motels, and any other cost associated with giving these important presentations live to groups of civil and structural engineers.

With big presentations coming this year, we’re in a collective battle. Please help us reach our goal so that we can continue to capture territory in the minds of our colleagues, who have the credentials, knowledge, and influence to force professional engineering associations to change their positions and pull their support out from under the NIST reports one engineer at a time. 

Will you help our men and women in the field? 

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Project Due Diligence

Project Due Diligence is a coordinated effort by a team of engineers around the world to engage the profession in performing its due diligence regarding the official reports on the three catastrophic building failures that occurred on September 11, 2001.

As engineers, we have a legal responsibility to guard the public’s safety. Given the magnitude of the building failures at the World Trade Center, which resulted in greater loss of life than any other building failure in history, it is our duty to understand the official reports and to call for further investigation if those reports are not satisfactory.

To facilitate this process of due diligence, we are giving our presentation to groups all over the world. At the conclusion of each presentation, we invite engineers to sign our petition and to join us in disseminating this information to the entire engineering profession.

As engineers, we have a legal responsibility to guard the public’s safety.

Give today to continue the fight for 9/11 Truth!

donate due diligence button 650

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