Back in 2004, the mainstream media and all the pundits trying to bury the many questions surrounding 9/11 claimed that they would have been impressed by just one engineer who supported the case for the controlled demolition of the WTC towers on September 11, 2001. 
Today, there are nearly 4,000 architects and engineers on AE911Truth’s petition and the same pundits respond with nothing but silence. 
In fact, the mainstream media actively attempts to block those architects and engineers from getting their perspective out to a national audience when the opportunity for them to do so arises. 
In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, Andy Steele is joined by longtime 9/11 activist, Adam Syed, whose article How many architects and engineers will it take? was just published at AE911Truth to discuss the content of the article, as well as the tactics and distractions that are being employed to derail the 9/11 truth movement’s efforts and to prevent justice from being attained on the issue!
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From Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth and filmmaker, Dylan Avery comes this short documentary that is both hauntingly beautiful in its presentation and startlingly grim in its revelations. 

Join civil engineer, Jonathan Cole through an informational odyssey as he revisits the controversy surrounding the impossible destruction of towers 1, 2 and 7 on September 11th 2001, and how his research, along with the research of others, has pulled the rug out from under the conclusions offered by the federal government on why those three buildings ultimately failed. 

Through Cole's testimony, and that of mechanical engineer, Tony Szamboti, a dark picture comes into focus that demonstrates that not only is the official story of what killed so many people on America's darkest day provably false but that the federal government actively and willfully turned a blind eye to the observable facts during its unscientific investigation of the building collapses. 

In a little over twenty minutes, Thirty Seconds of Silence reveals more about the destruction of the three World Trade Center towers on 9/11 than the media has revealed to the public in the over twenty years since the event took place.