Project Due Diligence - Washington Day at Purpose Hall in Pocatello, Idaho

On September 16, 2023 the second annual Washington Day dinner was held at Purpose Hall in Pocatello, Idaho.

With around 150 people in attendance, including former U.S. congressman and current Idaho Attorney General, Raúl Labrador, the event set the perfect opportunity for 9/11 outreach!  

AE911Truth’s own chairman, Roland Angle, was there, armed with purpose and WTC evidence.

While Project Due Diligence, which Angle founded and leads, has focused much of its efforts on reaching out to the grassroots of the engineering profession at ASCE and other organization branches all over the country, its volunteers also carry out AE911Truth’s mission in other venues when the chance arises.  

Being very active in his community, Roland Angle is constantly seeking ways to incorporate our important cause into his local activism, and the Washington Day dinner provided yet another chance for our evidence to reach a large audience.  


“We met some new people at the event, and they expressed interest in our quest for a new investigation into 9/11. We encourage all our supporters especially our PDD volunteers to reach out to local organizations with our message. The response here in Pocatello has been very enthusiastic!” — Roland Angle

AE911Truth’s presence at the event was punctuated by a large electronic banner, as well as our educational materials, which Angle distributed while sharing the World Trade Center evidence with attendees. AE911Truth also sponsored one of the dining tables, seating eight people and establishing the professional legitimacy that its critical work deserves.    

The wall of silence that insulates the citizens of our country from the truth of what really happened at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, is maintained only by the increasing isolation our media-driven world is creating. By actively reaching out in person within one’s community we can circumvent the censorship surrounding the 9/11 issue.  

Though the engineers of Project Due Diligence have the credentials and background knowledge to deliver our evidence on AE911Truth’s behalf officially, non-engineer supporters can also take the initiative to inform others about our important mission, as many have been doing for years.

One of the greatest ironies of our era is that while modern devices have caused more and more people to isolate themselves from the physical world, those same devices if utilized, can also be used to awaken others through face-to-face interactions.  

AE911Truth has many educational resources available on our website, and one person can truly make a difference with little to no expense.

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We ask our supporters to always remember that censorship algorithms are powerless in the realm of the non-cyber world, and even though we are a web-based organization and value our internet presence, we also value the minds, bodies, and souls around us that are open to the World Trade Center evidence once it’s presented to them.  

That’s why, no matter how much success we have in reaching new supporters on the internet, we still encourage activists to do as the old song says and continue “Takin’ it to the Streets.


As engineers, we have a legal responsibility to guard the public’s safety.

We are a small non-profit taking on a tremendous issue, and we need your support to help fund these efforts.

If you believe in the power of dedicated people and their ability to change the world, then please make a donation right now!

Thank you so much for your continued support and your willingness to stand with us! 


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