We Honor Them by Speaking Out

All throughout the nation today we remember those who have died in combat serving in America’s wars. 

While politicians and the media often choose to honor our fallen soldiers as larger than life warriors that made “the ultimate sacrifice” in a glorious act of service for their country, we choose instead to honor them simply as people who died while doing a job, all of whom were somebodies…each with inner thoughts and life experiences just as deep and personal as that of the person reading these words right now.

When an individual makes the choice to risk his or her life by joining the military, it is with the trust that they will not be put in harm’s way unless the cause is truly justified and there is no other alternative possible. The necessity for any war can only be determined by a full investigation and the disclosure of all the facts that lead us to the brink of conflict. 

When the truth is subverted for political aims, the tragedy of war is so much greater.    

Just as it’s our military’s job to protect our civilians on the homeland, it’s the reciprocal responsibility of the nation’s citizens to protect them.  We do this by using our First — and most important—Amendment, speaking out when our government fails in its sacred duty to those who put their lives on the line to serve it.

Because of this, AE911Truth remains committed to carrying out our responsibility as not only a citizen organization based in the United States, but as one composed of technical professionals with the expert knowledge and credentials to challenge the lie that led to the deaths of so many, both on 9/11, and in the wars that followed it. 

As well, we honor the sacrifice of our fallen men and women in the military by continuing to shine a spotlight on the evidence that proves that the three World Trade Center towers that fell on 9/11 were brought down with explosives, even when the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers is cynically invoked to try to shame us into silence.    

We will never shirk from our mission because we stand by the ideals that we were told our nation represents, even when our adversaries betray them.    

Please stand with us in this epic fight. Share our information far and wide, and never compromise in your own desire to do what’s right. 


AE911Truth Staff

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New Book — An Indictment of Those who Covered Up WTC Evidence

AE911Truth is undertaking an important project, one that will create an intriguing and critical tool for researchers and activists in the 9/11 truth community, as well as a wake-up call for those not yet familiar with the WTC evidence.  

Engineering the 9/11 Cover-Up: How the WTC Evidence was Kept Secret from the World, authored by AE911Truth’s own Roland Angle, P.E., is a book that will lay out the story of how the official narrative of the WTC towers’ destruction on September 11th, 2001 was cemented into the minds of the public. 

The result will be a clear and undeniable public indictment of NIST and the corporate media. It will also explain how the professional engineering societies were hijacked to provide the necessary crucial support for the manufactured narrative that ignores the evidence. Utilizing the combined knowledge and expertise from the many engineers at AE911Truth, Engineering the 9/11 Cover-Up will go where none of our previous publications have gone before as we identify, for the first time, a group of individuals and organizations that played some part in the cover-up, whether wittingly or unwittingly.

As engineers, we have a legal responsibility to guard the public’s safety.

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