On May 11, 2018 — two weeks from today — AE911Truth is organizing a Nationwide Call-In Day to remind every member of the U.S. House of Representatives about the Bobby McIlvaine World Trade Center Investigation Act.

To be clear, we are under no illusion about the Bobby McIlvaine Act being passed anytime soon. Rather, our goal for now is to find just one member of Congress — or perhaps a handful of them — brave enough to introduce the Act when the time is right.

As we saw from the story of Charlotte Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield, a single comment by an elected official — a local one at that — is enough to set off a nationwide firestorm when it comes to 9/11 Truth.

The Mayfield controversy was but a small fraction of the conversation that will take place across the country when a member of Congress musters the courage to introduce legislation for a new World Trade Center investigation. To be sure, many bills are introduced every year and never receive any public attention. But it’s difficult to imagine this one going unnoticed.

As soon as the bill is introduced, opposition from the media and the political establishment will be fierce. But if the sponsors of the Act are well-prepared and backed by family members, survivors, and technical experts, the resulting discourse will be an educational breakthrough for millions of Americans. And over time, support for a new investigation will grow.

To achieve our goal of reaching every member of the House of Representatives with multiple phone calls — hopefully inspiring at least one of them to take a stand — we need at least 3,000 activists to participate in this effort. This includes you!

Some 2,600 people have emailed their representatives through the Bobby McIlvaine page over the past six months. Now we’re attempting to eclipse that number by a few hundred — and all in one day! If you’re one of those 2,600, your participation in the Nationwide Call-In Day is absolutely needed again.

So please mark May 11th in your calendar as Nationwide Call-In Day, read the brief instructions below, and do one more important thing: Please forward this message to every 9/11 activist you know!

Five Very Simple Steps in Five Minutes

1. Phone Number

Find the phone number for your congressperson’s Washington, D.C. office by going to House.gov/representatives and entering your zip code at the top right or scrolling through the state-by-state list of congress members on that page. (Be sure you get the direct office line, not the House of Representatives switchboard number, which is (202) 224-3121.)

2. Call and Introduce Yourself

Pick up the phone and make the call. Tell the congressional staffer your name, the city where you live, and — if you’re comfortable doing so — your address or at least your street name. (The more specific you are, the more confident they will be that you’re a resident of the district and the more they will care about your opinion.)

3. The Ask

Then tell the staffer very plainly that you are calling to urge your representative to introduce the Bobby McIlvaine Act. Make it clear that the Act is draft legislation establishing a select committee to re-investigate the cause of the three WTC collapses. Note: Staffers often field calls about bills that have already been introduced. So if the staffer assumes that about this bill, clarify that it is “draft legislation” and that you are asking your representative to introduce it.

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4. Information and Follow-up

Next, refer them to AE911Truth.org/Justice where they can: (1) download the legislation, (2) read the 9/11 Family Petition, and (3) watch the seven-minute video “9/11 Father Seeks Justice” featuring Bob McIlvaine, the father of Bobby McIlvaine. Also explain, in your own words, why you support a new investigation. If you’re feeling especially assertive and willing to give your mailing address or email address, tell the staffer you would like a response from the congressperson stating his or her position on the Act.

5. Reporting

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and include in the subject line your state and congressional district number. You do not need to write anything in the email; we will probably only have time to read the subject line. (If something truly notable happens during your call, please inform us through our normal Contact Us page.) We will keep count of how many phone calls are made and will report the results afterward.

Remember, we’re not trying to pass the Bobby McIlvaine Act overnight. Our goal is to plant 435 seeds, so that one or more of them will sprout into a pending bill for a new WTC investigation. Once that’s achieved, there’s no telling what will happen next.